What to Consider When Buying a Heat Press Machine

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The idea of printing your own t-shirt designs is just exciting! But don’t let that take over reason and good judgment when buying a heat press machine. In fact, if you’ve decided to move from t-shirt design hobbyist to entrepreneur, buying the right machine is one of the most crucial steps you will take. Fortunately, there’s a good variety in the market today, but you need to know a few basics before you actually place an order.
Types of Heat Presses
Clamshell and swing-away are the two most common types of heat presses today. A clamshell heat press functions like a huge toaster heater. The best way to cut your vinyl designs for your T-Shirt is to use a vinyl cutting machine, you can see our favorite machines that cut vinyl here. Typically, the bread goes in the middle and the machine is closed to heat the two sides. This is how clamshell heat presses work, while the swing-away type operates in basically the same manner, swinging away to apply heat.
Many of those who are planning to start a t-shirt printing business think of just printing one size, which isn’t always wise. In fact, this will actually limit the growth potential of your entire business. Invest in a heat press machine that can print all sizes so you can cater to a bigger market and thus maximize your profits.
Like all other types of products, heat press machines come in different brands and quality levels. It may seem confusing at first or it may actually feel like everything is the same, but this is absolutely wrong. You can learn more about vinyl cutters and heat press machines at https://www.thebestvinylcutters.com’s website. Do your research and focus on the brand’s reputation for durability, customer service and solid warranties. If you do your homework, it will be easy to see which brand is best for you.
Timing is crucial. You need to find a machine that transfers designs to your shirts nice and right, not burn them. Manual timers can be tricky as anything can go wrong when you’re not watching. A digital timer, however, will make sure that each shirt gets just the right amount of heat over the right amount of time. This also means you will get the same quality of prints consistently. In addition, consider getting a timer that has a pressure and temperature adjustment system, as well as a buzzer (or anything similar).
Weight and Voltage
Finally, make sure you get a heat press machine with the right weight, voltage and warranty. You don’t want something that consumes an unreasonable amount of energy for the work it does. In such a case, you will lose a huge chunk of your profit for something that could easily be prevented. Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-shirt. 

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